8 Modest and Affordable Summer Outfits

8 Affordable and Modest Summer Outfits

I recently blogged about six summer outfits that won’t break the bank. Now I want to share with you eight more outfits that are perfect for summer, but offer more coverage for those of us who prefer to dress modestly. The reason there are eight instead of six this time is because I couldn’t resist […] Read more…

6 summer outfits that won't break the bank

6 summer outfits that won’t break the bank

Oh how I love summertime! I love the feel of the sun on my skin (after a proper amount of sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer, of course). I love ditching the winter boots and opting for cute sandals or high heels. I love that I don’t have to cover up my cute summer […] Read more…

when mean girls grow up

Why are women tearing each other apart?

Prefer to hear this as a podcast instead of reading? Click here!   “Ps – By your photo, it appears you are the selfie type this article refers to …” That was a real comment left on a mommy page that I follow on Facebook. The rude comment directed at another mom who dared defend herself […] Read more…

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